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JR's Mods & Upgrades
Last Update: 11-04-2013
A complete (or at least pretty close) list of JR's modifications and upgrades, along with parts sources, web links, and phone numbers where ever possible
Custom Instrument Cluster
Last Update: 09-24-2006
Construction, calibration, and installation of a custom instrument cluster that mounts in the stock location, uses aftermarket gauges of the users choice, and includes parts lists, drawings, fabrication techniques, and most everything needed to duplicate this fun and valuable project. See your real engine parameters!
Custom Fan Shroud
Last Update: 08-22-2004
Not really an article, just some pictures and a drawing of JR's diamond-plate aluminum fan shroud, Griffin aluminum radiator, Flex-a-lite fan, and Canton Racing overflow can.
Sub & Amp Install
Last Update: 09-29-2004
Also not an article. Just a few pictures of JR's subwoofer box before installation, and also after it's mounted in the trunk.
The Aero-Bird FAQ
Last Update: 12-27-2002
Snagged off a server at the Rochester Institute of Technology, here to preserve it for posterity - Dated 27 Dec 2002, v1.52, compiled by Matt Naylor.
87/88 TC IRCM
Last Update: 10-27-2004
General information, theory of operation, disassembly and reassembly of the IRCM. Includes schematic and parts list.
Doctor InterCooler
Last Update: 02-11-2007
Lots of pictures with comments of how JR's FMIC was installed. Includes description of brackets and other interesting stuff. COMPLETE.
The Boost Comes On
Last Update: 01-23-2006
A little levity - a tune sung to the tune of "The Beat Goes On" by Sonny & Cher. Lyrics by JoeCool.
Precision SC-50 Turbo Install
Last Update: 01-23-2006
Pictures and a little writeup of JR's hybrid turbocharger installation. Includes modifications to our Rod's Header for use with an external wastegate and fabrication of exhaust elbow, too.
2.3L Turbo Shop Manual
Last Update: 07-21-2014
Complete Ford 2.3L Turbocharged Engine Shop Manual

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