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Build Your Own
Custom Instrument Cluster

Cluster Installation

Mechanically, installation of the custom instrument cluster is exactly the reverse of the steps needed to remove the old one. The only exception was a clearance issue with the outermost mounting screw on the water temperature gauge, which needed to be shortened in order not to hit the plastic that's behind the instrument cluster location. No other interference problems were encountered.

Electrically, the new cluster is connected to the vehicle wiring harness through the existing instrument cluster connector. Since it was not desirable to cut the connector off of the vehicle wiring harness, a new molex connector was tack-soldered to it's connection tabs.

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Once this is completed, double check your work to verify that all wires are correctly placed. See the Electrical page for connector wiring details. Also, be sure to carefully insulate the wiring to the existing harness connector to preclude the possibility of any shorts. It wouldn't be nice if all your hard work went up in smoke!

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