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Current as of today, this is JR's mods List. If something is not listed, then it's presently stock. If it's modified, there's a link to either pictures, how-to article, or parts supplier website. Enjoy!
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E n g i n e   T o p   E n d B r a k e s
Ported & Polished Aluminum "D Port" Head
Star Adjustable Cam Pully
Round Tooth Belt Conversion Kit
Auto Moto Sports 2.3 Roller Camshaft
TRW Power Stop Cross Drilled Brake Rotors
EBC "Green Stuff" Brake Pads
Braided Stainless Steel Lines
(G&J Performance, Ontario, Calif. 909-986-6534)
A i r   I n t a k e   &   M e t e r i n g I g n i t i o n   S y s t e m
MAC Cold Air Intake
BBK 65mm Throttle Body
80mm MAF Conversion
Ported & Polished Intakes
MSD Digital 6AL Electronic Ignition
MSD Blaster-SS High Output Coil
Magnecor R-100 10mm Racing Wires
F u e l   S y s t e m E l e c t r i c a l   S y s t e m
Walbro 255 LPH HP Pump
Kirban Adjustable Regulator
130 Amp 3G Alternator
S t a i n l e s s   E x h a u s t   S y s t e m B o o s t   -   B o o s t   C o n t r o l
Rod's Stainless Tubular Header
Tom's custom SS exhaust elbow with
wastegate hookup & downpipe,
ATR High Flow Cat, ATR Dual 2-1/2" Exhaust
with Pitbull Mufflers
( ATR - RIP )
Precision SC-50 Hybrid, .50 trim TO4e compressor, .48AR turbine - Stage 3 wheel
Unnatural Aspirations Front Mount Intercooler
TiAL 38mm External Wastegate
Turbo XS Bypass Valve Type H34
3" Polished Aluminum Intercooler Pipes
E n g i n e   C o o l i n g C u s t o m   I n s t r u m e n t   C l u s t e r
Two-Core Aluminum Rad (1-1/4" Tubes)
Custom Aluminum Fan Shroud
16" 2500CFM Syclone Electric Fan
Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, Battery Voltage,
Fuel Level, 8000 RPM Tach, 160 MPH Speedo, and
30"hg/30psi vacuum/boost gauge

Wideband Air-Fuel Gauge with Datalogging
C h a s s i s   -   F r a m e P o w e r   T r a i n
Kenny Brown Thunderbird Subframe Connectors
Chuck W. Performance Motor Mounts
STAR Stage II Clutch (Stage III Pressure Plate)
Power Tower Billet Short-Throw Shifter
F r o n t   S u s p e n s i o n C u s t o m   S o u n d   S y s t e m
All parts from Maximum Motorsports
Description Part Number
Steering Rack Bushings 6-703-BL
Tierod Boots U2
Swaybar Bushings 6-1125-BL
Swaybar End Links 19-412-BL
Coil Over Kit COP-1
Hypercoil Springs HYP27512250
MM Control Arms MMFCA-7
Bilstein Struts V36-4138-H1
MM Caster/Camber Plates MMCC8388
Write up on NATO Message Board
Sony MDX-C7900 Minidisk Head / CD Control
Sony CDX-757MX 10 Disk CD / MP3 Changer
Sherwood Four Channel 120 watt RMS Mains Amp
Infinity Kappa Six Driver Custom Speaker System
Audiobahn ABD-40T Remote Sub / Bass Controller
Sherwood Two Channel 300 watt RMS Subwoofer Amp
Kicker Comp 8 inch Dual Subs in Custom Built Enclosure
" O N   T H E   S H E L F "
- 55lph Injectors, Electronic Boost Controller -

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S P A R K   P L U G   W I R E   N U M B E R S
8.5mm KV-85 "Competition" wires - Magnecor #45190
10 mm R-100 "Racing" wires - Magnecor #49190
Note: For 1983-1988 Thunderbird TurboCoupe & Turbo Mustangs